本文摘要:Deutsche Bank is experimenting with new antifraud technology that uses the way you handle and hold your phone to work out if you are really you.德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)正在测试新的反欺诈技术,这项技术通过你用于和抵肩手机的方式来判断你的现实身份。


Deutsche Bank is experimenting with new antifraud technology that uses the way you handle and hold your phone to work out if you are really you.德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)正在测试新的反欺诈技术,这项技术通过你用于和抵肩手机的方式来判断你的现实身份。The bank hopes the system will free customers from passwords and allow it to lift limits on mobile transactions.德银期望,该系统能让客户免遭输出口令,并让它需要中止对移动交易的容许。The technology analyses about 50 different factors to build a picture of a user from pressure applied to the pin-pad to how the phone is held, location, facial recognition and thumbprint.这项技术对约50个因素展开分析,以创建一套用户特征。

这些因素还包括用户按个人识别码键盘的力度、抵肩手机的方式、地理位置、面部辨识和指纹。Some of these are already in use. MasterCard is trialling facial recognition — dubbed “selfie pay” — and voice recognition.其中一些技术已在应用于当中。

万事达(MasterCard)正在试用被称作“自拍付”(selfie pay)的面部辨识以及语音辨识。The boast of Callsign — the company working with Deutsche Bank on the new technology — is that its system brings so many factors together.Callsign于是以与德银就这项新技术进行合作。Callsign声称,它的这套系统汇集了多种因素。

“If I stole your mobile… I got hold of your pin number and biometric (fingerprint) and I was trying to impersonate you in some way, just because I could do that doesn’t mean that I’m you,” said Zia Hayat, chief executive and founder of Callsign.Callsign首席执行官兼任创始人楚亚哈亚特(Zia Hayat)回应:“如果我偷走了你的手机……做到了你的个人识别码和生物特征(指纹),并企图以某种方式假冒你,就算我需要做这些,我也成不了你。”Nick Doddy, Deutsche’s regional innovation manager, said the system can adjust to multiple profiles to take into account whether a customer is sitting or standing. It can even adjust to temporary setbacks.德银地区创意经理尼克多迪(Nick Doddy)回应,该系统能调整自身以适应环境客户的多套特征,比如考虑到客户是坐着还是车站着。

它甚至能调整自身以适应环境暂时性的给定艰难。“If you’ve broken your right arm and… at home and now you’re using your left hand, it will say her location is good, her pin is good, her biometric is good, but she’s now handling it in a different way, so it might say ‘give me a facial recognition’,” he said.他说道:“如果你摔坏了右臂……在家里于是以用左手使手机,它不会说道地理位置给定、个人识别码给定、生物特征给定,但现在握住手机的方式不给定,那么它不会说道‘请求用于面部辨识’。”In tests, Deutsche says no one has managed to achieve a “match” above 15 per cent trying to hack someone else’s account. In most cases, the match was zero.在测试中,德银回应,尝试入侵别人账户的人,没一个构建了15%以上的匹配度。

在很多实例中,匹配度为零。Philip Gilligan, head of innovation at Deutsche, said that having such a high degree of confidence about who was accessing an account would allow the bank to let customers execute higher value transactions.德银创意负责人菲利普吉利根(Philip Gilligan)回应,对账户访问者的信任超过如此低的水平,将使德银需要让客户继续执行金额更高的交易。

This will benefit wealthy individuals, businesses or funds who want to move large sums with ease. Deutsche has been trialling the system and plans soon to extend it to 10,000 members of its staff as part of a larger pilot.这将让那些期望精彩移往巨额资金的富裕个人、企业或基金获益。德银仍然在测试该系统。




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