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本文摘要:It seems that even Apple is frustrated with the iPhones abbreviated battery life.苹果公司自己或许也对iPhone出现异常较短的电池寿命深感惨败。


It seems that even Apple is frustrated with the iPhones abbreviated battery life.苹果公司自己或许也对iPhone出现异常较短的电池寿命深感惨败。The Cupertino company on Tuesday joined a cadre of accessory makers and released a new battery case for its smartphone. The $100 case, designed for the iPhone 6s, the smaller of the two current iPhone models, promises to boost the devices talk time to 25 hours and its Internet time over the cell phone networks to 18 hours. Without the battery pack, Apple promises the phone will give 14 hours of talk time and 10 hours of Internet usage. But many owners find that they often get less than that.当地时间12月8日,一家坐落于库比蒂诺的公司效仿一众配件制造商,公布了针对苹果手机的新款电池盒。这个售价100美元的电池盒专门iPhone 6s设计,据信能将设备通话时间提高到25小时,将手机网际网路时间缩短到18小时。而没这个电池盒,苹果手机通话时间为14小时,网络用于时间为10小时。

不过很多用户找到他们的电池用于时间近高于这个数值。The cases design seems a bit out of step with Apples typical aesthetic. It only comes in two colors — white and black. And rather then mimicking the slick, thin design of the phone and other Apple products, it packs the battery in a bulge on the back.该电池盒的设计或许与苹果典型的美学主义格格不入。它只有两种颜色——黑与白,也没如iPhone及其它苹果产品那般平滑轻巧的外形,而只是将电池张贴在背部,半部一块。

The case does offer some advantages over its competitors. An iPhone can recognize when it is attached to the case, and when it displays its remaining battery power, it will reflect the boost the case provides. To ensure that it doesnt degrade a users cell phone signal, the case includes a built-in antenna. And unlike many cases, it can be charged with the same Lightning cable that is used to power the iPhone itself.比起其它竞争者,这款电池盒的确有一些优势。当贴在这款电池盒上,iPhone才可辨识它。当手机表明剩下电量时,它还不会表明电池盒获取的额外电量。为了保证它会弱化用户手机信号,电池盒包括一个内置天线。



与很多电池盒有所不同,它能用于iPhone电池线。But other battery cases and battery backups provide far more power for the same or less money. While Apples battery case has a 1877 mAh battery, Mophies Juice Pack Reserve has one thats nearly as big – 1840 mAh – but costs just $60. For $100, users can get Mophies Juice Pack Air, which has about 50 percent more battery power than Apples case. Oh, and Mophie and other manufacturers also offer battery cases for iPhone 6s Plus; Apple isnt making one for its jumbo-sized phone.然而,其它品牌的电池盒、可用电池可以获取更加多储备电量,有的价钱也更加低廉。苹果电池盒容量为1877毫安,而获取完全完全相同容量(1840毫安)的Mophie的Juice Pack Reserve只必须60美元,而用户花100美元可以出售到Mophie的Juice Pack Air,后者获取的电量比苹果电池盒多50%。此外,Mophie和其它制造商还为iPhone 6s Plus获取电池盒,而苹果目前仍未有此类产品。

And thats not to mention that some other phones offer much longer battery life without needing an extra case. Motorolas Droid Maxx 2 has a built-in 3630 mAh battery – which is more than double the reported capacity of the iPhone 6ss battery. Maybe Apple could think about making more room for a battery inside of its phones, instead of making them ever thinner.更加不必托需要电池盒才可获取更长电池寿命的其他手机。摩托罗拉Droid Maxx 2享有3630毫安的内置电池——这约是iPhone 6s电池容量的两倍多。




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